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All candidates have full CVs available on request; via phone or email.

Alasdair G/ Mechanical Engineering with French, 2nd Yr. Student / Catering / Bar Work / Warehouse / Customer Service

Alasdair is currently studying at Sheffield University, and worked for the agency last summer, from National Trust to Fashion Accessories Wholesalers. Alasdair has plenty ofcatering experience including bar work, customer service and outdoor practical work skills. Excellent feedback from our clients on temporary work completed in 2014, David is happy to work day shifts, and some weekends, and is based near Callington with transport.

Lisa T / Catering / Retail / Data Entry / Customer Service

Lisa has completed retail / catering work in the summer of 2014, is an intelligent young lady and excellent in every respect. Great customer service and can organise herself well in the work place and pick up new skills very quickly. Based at Callington with transport. Available for the summer until September 2015.

Matthew C / Bar Work / Catering / Groundwork

Matthew is a politics graduate away travelling until August 2015. On his return Matthew can work days including weekends until he finds a permanent graduate job. Available for evenings also, Matthew has transport and having worked with the Agency for the last four years during study we have no hesitation in recommending this candidate.

Matthew S / Outdoor Work / Sales Assistant / IT & Spreadsheet

Matthew will complete his studies at Callington Community College shortly, start university in October 2015. Has experience working for a parent, as warehouse assistant, office administration and spreadsheet work. Great at working with IT based tasks, or sweeping a warehouse floor! Matthew is based near Callington and very confident using public transport as far as Plymouth. Available for a total of 12 weeks for ad hoc temporary work, summer 2015.

Tom D/ Electronic and Electrical Student – Plymouth City College

Tom is completing his first year of a practical course in Electronic and Electrical Applications to enable him to join a company making and setting up displays for Fireworks. Based in Stoke Climsland for the summer 2015, Tom has completed Warehouse Assistant (moving boxes/unloading containers to deadlines/Production Operative work in the past and is happy to do either again this summer. Tom has his own transport, and happy to travel within 20 miles.

Oliver B/ Electronic and Electrical Student – Plymouth City College

Olly is completing his second year of a practical course in Electronic and Electrical Applications to enable him to join a company making and setting up commercial electrical work. Based in Kelly Bray for the summer 2015, Olly has completed Warehouse Assistant (moving boxes/unloading containers to deadlines/Production Operative work in the past, Catering work and Customer Service, and is happy to do any further work this summer. Olly has his own transport, and happy to travel within 10 miles of home. Olly has had great feedback from National Trust work and award winning Fish and Chip Restaurant in Tavistock where he has recently worked for us.

Jacob S/ Admin / Catering /Retail/Cleaning

Jacob is a bright student off to University in late September 2015. Jacob is based in Harrowbarrow, no transport but can bus to Tavistock and Callington, and has excellent experience from catering at a popular local pub end eatery along with administration/retail experience from volunteering at Oxfam. Worked for the summer 2014 in catering. Very quick to learn and happy to go catering or complete reception and administration work. Can use a till, great with people and available all summer until late September 2015.

Natasha U/ Outdoor / Catering / Animal Care

Natasha is an educated to A Level and taking a year out to decide where and what to study at University in 2016. Natasha is based in Callington area with no transport, but is happy to use public transport, and has excellent experience from catering/outdoor animal care work and very quick to learn and hard working young lady. Volunteered for the local vets practice and happy to complete that type of work. Available until September 2016 for full time work in any sector, but ideally something that will give her good experience for her degree course, which she hopes is in Veterinary Studies.

Alistair R / Catering / Retail / Data Entry / Customer Service/IT

Alistair has completed retail / catering work/manufacturing operative though out his studies, and is awaiting a place in the services but this can take some time. An intelligent young man and excellent in every respect. Great customer service and can pick up new skills quickly and stick with it and focus. Based at Launceston with no transport but can work in Plymouth daily. Alistair could be available for up to 18 months/two years, a very good candidate.

Sue W / Highly Skilled Audio / Copy Typing Secretary

This lady is an excellent true secretary who has excellent IT skills, minute taking at meetings, diary management and customer service skills. Based in Launceston, Sue can do part or full time hours and is happy with temporary or permanent work, having just finished a permanent post, Sue is free for work immediately. A wonderful all around skills and task based lady who pays attention to detail and apply a creative slant on a difficult problem that needs solving.

Gary J / Warehouse Manager & Administrator

Gary is a very bright, quick learner who has transferred from warehouse operative to warehouse manager from hard work and a willingness to see a task through and build an excellent team. He is grateful to his present employer for the opportunity but it is time to move into a more challenging position. Gary is happy to commute within a 30 mile round trip, currently based near Okehampton. Gary has an excellent positive attitude to customer service. We highly recommend meeting this young man who has a great deal of further potential.

Chantelle K / Good Customer Service

Chantelle is currently studying speech sciences at University of St Mark and St John and is available for temporary seasonal work. Chantelle has previously worked as a volunteer including; using a till, cleaning duties and providing good customer service.

Chantelle is based in Launceston and is reliant on public transport.

Tamsyn J / Waitress and Customer Service

Tamsyn has temped with us for some time, she is currently studying at the University of Winchester, studying language studies. Tamsyn has previous experience in waitresses, cleaning, customer service and silver service waitressing while working for A S Recruiting.

Tamsyn is available over the Christmas period for temporary work.

Libby H / Cleaning and Hospitality

Libby is currently studying zoology at university and is available for temp work during the holidays. Libby is available for work cleaning, warehouse and hospitality. Libby has her own transport and is available to work in the Plymouth, Tavistock and Callington area.

Jasmine H / Catering and Cleaning

Jasmine is currently studying at university and is available for work during the holiday periods. Jasmine has temped with us before and we have received very good feedback from our clients. Jasmine is available for catering, cleaning and warehouse work.

Hanna / Customer Service/ IT and Events Organising/ Hospitality

Hanna has been working on a temporary basis for a local pub, but ideally would like a permanent full time post in or just outside Plymouth near the Tavistock/Dartmoor side. An intelligent young lady and excellent in every respect. Great customer service and can pick up new skills quickly and stick with it and focus. Can commute from Plymouth if the hourly rate is sufficient to do so. Ideally full time hours with a variety of tasks and does utilize her organizational and marketing/sales/events skills perhaps working with a Charity/Commercial Business/Hospitality/Sales Environment.

Chris / Warehouse/ Delivery/ Picking and Packing

Based in Liskeard with transport. Experience from catering/warehouse work, very quick to learn and a hard working young man.  Available beginning of June 2019 for full time work in any sector, but ideally something that will give him good experience and an opportunity for a permanent post. Chris completed three months in a warehouse for us picking and packing and completed a great job, but it was only going to be temporary, however Chris was happy to do it.

Sarah /Admin /Catering /Retail /Cleaning /Reception

Sarah is an adaptable person work wise, based in Launceston and ideally would like to work locally. Experience from Education sector and returning to work in June 2019.  Worked and lived in USA for a number of years, but returning to Cornwall in June 2019 and looking for part time work initially.

Darren / Drivers Mate Delivery Assistant and Warehouse Operative

Worked in various environments on a practical basis, but would now prefer another delivery driver or warehouse post. Hard working and reliable living in Plymouth and has a current CSCS card valid until 2024.

Paul / Warehouse, Driving & Distribution experience

Based in Liskeard area ideally Paul is looking for permanent full time work, having just returned to the area from South East where he completed Warehouse work using Counterbalance License and other machinery within a Feed Store environment. Has his own transport, and happy to travel within 10 miles of home maximum. Can complete labouring work, warehouse work, general farming work or any outdoor practical work.

Debbie / Professional Cleaner with Friday’s free

Based in Stoke Climsland this lady completes adhoc, self-employment cleaning, and ideally domestic sector. But can do and will do holiday lets and offices. Debbie has completed work with us for over seven years, and we have found at least 50% of Debbie’s client base. Debbie can travel, has transport and prepared to travel to Plymouth.

Patricia / Great deal of Office Experience - available part time only

Personable lady with a lot of good work experience and can and will do. Customer Service and IT based experience, and practical skills as completed domestic work, nursing and management level.  Based near Callington with transport, Patricia can and will travel in the local area. Very hardworking and available immediately from May 2019.

Anita / Administrator /Reception /Retail /Sales

Anita has experience working for companies with reception & administration and/or retail & sales. Permanent part time work ideally and has some experience of accounts work, customer service and using EPOS at point of sale. Would not mind seasonal work this summer or a post that requires variety of skills. Anita is based at Launceston with transport and very confident working with the public and happy to travel within 15 miles radius.

Karen / Credit /Finance Controller

Karen is based in Callington area with transport and has excellent experience in accounting including credit control, purchase ledger, sales ledger and associated administration from a very busy environment.  Every day accounts preparation, production of reports, VAT, managing overdue accounts and reconciliation of bank statements, petty cash the whole process right up to year end and presentation of year end accounts for Accountants.  Happy to complete the same role, and take the responsibility and challenge, but for a smaller business on a part time basis. Available on a temporary and permanent basis part-time, and fully referenced and ready to go!

Rachel / Administration and Accounts

On registration with the agency, this candidate is happy to work on temporary or permanent placement full time, ideally locally near Callington/Launceston/Tavistock areas.  Available for short or long-term assignments until Rachel finds a new permanent post to suit her wide and varied skills base. Has transport and having worked with the Agency for the last few weeks during job hunt, we have no hesitation in recommending this candidate, and indeed we feel that once placed on a full time assignment, Rachel will be snapped up!

Jacquie / part AAT Qualified / Administration and Accounts

Jacquie has re-registered with our agency, following recent redundancy from a business relocating to Liverpool, including the accounts function. Intelligent lady with excellent book-keeping skills. Great customer service and can organize workload well in any work place, as well as pick up new skills and software, very quickly. Based near Launceston with transport. Available for temporary or permanent work on a part time basis, due to a second job in Gardening.

Courtney / AAT Student / Administration and Accounts

Courtney is currently studying AAT Level 3 on distant learning and worked until recently in the Plymouth area. Has relocated to rural area between Launceston and Callington, with transport. Courtney has plenty of customer service/accounts and administrative experience, but with her AAT Level 2 qualification and enjoyment of accounts work, she is eager to commence her choice of career in accounts/book-keeping/payroll or other finance.  Excellent communication skills, good listener, flexible and eager to take up a training position within a local company with future opportunities for Courtney, ideally full time hours or part time is agreeable.

Karen / Experienced Customer Service candidate

This lady has relocated from Dorset to Callington and as an experienced, hard-working and flexible individual, we feel Karen would fit into any environment dealing with customers, internal or external. Karen has completed Reception for Sports & Leisure Centre/Mobile Engineer Co-ordinator and Property Company as administrator/secretarial. Karen only arrived in Callington two weeks ago, but she is eager to work and available temporary or permanently with effect from Monday, 20th May 2019. Full CV available, has transport and lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Ian / IT Professional with over 30 years experience in IT

Ian is a Systems Administrator at Rock School, covering Hardware/Software and installing Cables and Fibre for multiple users. Holds a DBS, and work in Educational Organisations and Commercial Projects. He relocated very recently from London to Callington, and appreciates the contracts and employers in this area so will adjust pay and grades. Ian is a very knowledgeable and experienced candidate in IT and obviously enjoys his work immensely. Happy to commute to Plymouth and surrounding area. Available immediately for permanent or temporary or project work.

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