Permanent Candidates

Angie C / Kennel Person / Security

This lady has relocated to Liskeard, and is looking for full-time hours to ideally fit Monday-Friday, as her husband works in High Wycombe, returning home at weekends only.

Angie is a very easy going, caring, hard working individual, ideally wishing to return to work as a Kennel  Person, but does realise these posts are far and few between in the region.

Trained in security, Angie is happy returning to this work, or working in warehouses where most of the security work has been. Very much an excellent team player, but is equally confident working alone.

Lucy D / Catering/Bar or Cleaning Supervisor

Lucy is a young lady who registered with us in march 2010, we found Lucy temporary work immediately in hospitality and went permanent with that client for three years, until redundancy was offered in late 2013 when the business was closed.

Lucy is happy with the current work, but the hours are annualised and Jan/Feb, just 12 hours. Lucy is happy to complete temporary work to supplement income, or change employment. Temporary or permanent may well suit Lucy again.

We recommend this young lady who wants full-time hours and is based with transport in Liskeard but happy to drive as her current rolls are in Gunnislake/ Callington/ Launceston area.

Helen D / Graduate experienced in Event Management, Marketing and Office Administration

Helen is a science graduate looking for employment after recently being made redundant from her previous role in business development due to company closure. Helen has experience in event management, online and traditional marketing and office administration including managing websites and social media accounts.

Helen is proficient in the use of the MS office suite including spreadsheet creation using Excel and MS Publisher. Helen is also experienced in using specialist programs and statistical software including Adobe Indesign, Articulate storyline and website management software such as WordPress and CS Cart.

Helen works well under pressure, is a clear communicator and above all very bright and quick to learn, because she’s a good listener and excellent with people. Helen is looking for full time hours and has her own transport.

Linda A / Food Hygiene, Quality Controls in Food and Beverage sectors

This lady has vast experience in Food Hygiene, Quality Controls in Food and Beverage sectors. The qualifications and experience will certainly be very useful for a manufacturer looking for a great all round extremely competent individual, who knows her stuff!

Linda is ideally looking to move into a new permanent post, as the present job is not always full time hours throughout the year. Alternatively, Linda is prepared to work evening shifts to make up her hours, food manufacturer, specialist cleaning, offices/kitchens/factories, ideally based around Launceston.

Paul B / Plumbing and Heating Engineer – Temporary or Permanent

Paul has relocated from Shropshire, back to East Cornwall, where he ran his own business as a Plumbing and Heating Engineer, since 2008. Paul has been employed in the past and is happy to be employed again either temporarily or permanent, in any practical sector, as Paul has always used the services of agencies to complete fill in work between permanent posts.

Paul holds City Guilds in Copper Pipe Installation & Advice, Bathroom & Sanitary Installation and Bathroom Design alongside a BPEC Water Supply Regulations Certificate.

John P / Experienced in admin and book keeping – Temporary or Permanent

We have a gentleman registered for temporary or permanent work, based in Launceston with transport.

John has run his own business for a number of years and is therefore skilled in the practical-side, book keeping and recruitment of staff.

John is looking for full or part time work in any sector, administration or hospitality support and book-keeping. John would make a great employee in admin/accounts in a small business scenario.

Jade A / Excellent Customer Service skills – Temporary or Permanent

This young mum has a wealth of experience in hospitality, and her customer service skills are excellent. Ideally Jade would like full time hours and based near Tavistock/Callington or Plymouth.

Jade has a food safety certificate, BIIAB Level 2 and more importantly fantastic hospitality skills.

Jade is available for temporary or permanent work immediately having just finished a temporary assignment in Okehampton in administration, yes Jade can turn her skills to any task having started her working life in the insurance sector, until Norwich Union made her redundant.

Sue W / Highly Skilled Audio / Copy Typing Secretary – Temporary and Permanent

This lady is an excellent true secretary who has excellent IT skills, minute taking at meetings, diary management and customer service skills. Based in Launceston, Sue can do part or full time hours and is happy with temporary or permanent work, having just finished a permanent post, Sue is free for work immediately. A wonderful all around skills and task based lady who pays attention to detail and apply a creative slant on a difficult problem that needs solving.

Jayne M / Qualified to AAT Technician Assistant Account – Temporary or Permanent

Jayne is a well educated family lady, now relocating to join her husband in West Cornwall. Jayne would like full time hours in a permanent position, offering a challenge and the opportunity to develop a career further. In Jayne’s present post she manages financial functions from the beginning of the process, and the small team who work with her need this completed before they can function. Excellent interpersonal skills are essential and a willingness to assist with colleague’s tasks and roles within a tight time frame. Jayne performs in the present post ; managing staffing levels and resources, coordinating and monitoring and reconciling the company’s accounts. Dealing with payments to the company, managing the bills and cash flow, posting account details to the account system, for printed and online journals in a global academic press. Monthly reporting/Yearly corporation tax, overseeing company KPI’s set for the area of work and performing resolving, analyzing and investigating various accounts queries. Jayne also performed a secondary role of improving communication within the various departments to highlight and undertake necessary actions to achieve the desired outcome. Jayne is computer competent in SAP Business One and Microsoft office, especially Excel to an advanced level. Audited internally and externally annually the not for profit business currently working within is very risk adverse and these skills no doubt will be very useful in any sector in West Cornwall.

Gary J / Warehouse Manager & Administrator

Gary is a very bright, quick learner who has transferred from warehouse operative to warehouse manager from hard work and a willingness to see a task through and build an excellent team. He is grateful to his present employer for the opportunity but it is time to move into a more challenging position. Gary is happy to commute within a 30 mile round trip, currently based near Okehampton. Gary has an excellent positive attitude to customer service. We highly recommend meeting this young man who has a great deal of further potential.

Louise / Financial Services Experience

Louise is a well educated lady who is very keen to join an Independent Financial Advisors as a paraplanner / administrator as she has completed this work before the type of work does interest her a great deal and the attention to detail and customer service is essential in a new post. Excellent candidate, with a wealth of work and life experience, very presentable and determined to succeed.

Heather T / Relocation from County Durham Accounts & Sales Processor

Heather has worked for the same company, since 2008, commencing as a general administrator, progressing to Accounts and Sales Processor with a family run business producing cubical hardware with a diverse range of products and applications. Heather has completed tasks from Credit Control, to employee payroll and currently the introduction to quotations and sales; which Heather enjoys, because its customer focused and the whole process from start to finish is really enjoyable. Currently earning £18,000pa, ideally Heather would like to have a similar salary in the SW and is looking for a permanent post to start before leaving the present employer, who requires one months notice. Eventually based in Callington with transport. Really great attitude at work, and her present employer has recognized this potential.

Andrew B / Digital Media University Graduate Excellent IT skills and Team Leader

Long before university and during the three year course, Andrew has worked in the retail or customer service sector to gain work experience to complement his training. Since graduating Andrew has progressed his career through the management structure of one of the main supermarkets. Within six months of starting with the company his potential was recognized and immediately promoted to a section leader. A very effect section leader and the ability to turn a struggling section/department around, Andrew found himself assisting in the poorly performing departments, which largely failed due to poor communication and a lack of understanding of head office requirements. Andrew is very good at interpreting what is required but delivering it, in a practical straight forward format, this can be on a spreadsheet and/or verbal communication and regular team meetings with all shift staff in a 24 hour operation. This young man is bright, creative, focused and has a desire to move on, but due to a recent management restructure, is not going to see the promotion he had hoped for. Lives in Launceston, has transport and is happy to commute up to 20 miles// 30mins – which is the current commute. Salary £16,000 to £18,000 pa, but long term career prospects and further training is far more important than the salary.

Kate R / Administrator with Managerial Experience

Excellent administrator and people management from a small department environment, but a key customer service area. An enthusiastic and hard working individual, who enjoys pressure and the success of the whole team. Lives in Tavistock, with transport ; ideally maximum 20 hours per week, Monday to Friday.

Courtney / AAT Student / Administration and Accounts

Courtney is currently studying AAT Level 3 on distant learning and worked until recently, in the Plymouth area. She has since relocated to a rural area between Launceston and Callington and has her own transport. Courtney has plenty of customer service/accounts and administrative experience, but with her AAT Level 2 qualification and enjoyment of accounts work, she is eager to commence her choice of career in accounts/book-keeping/payroll or other finance.  Excellent communication skills, good listener, flexible and eager to take up a training position within a local company with future opportunities for Courtney. Ideally seeking full time hours or part time.

Jacquie / part AAT Qualified / Administration and Accounts

Jacquie has re-registered with our agency, following recent redundancy from a business relocating to Liverpool, including the accounts function. She is an intelligent lady with excellent book-keeping skills. Great customer service and can organize workload well in any work place, as well as pick up new skills and software very quickly. Based near Launceston with transport. Available for temporary or permanent work on a part time basis, due to a second job in Gardening.

Rachel / Administration and Accounts

On registration with the agency, this candidate is happy to work on temporary or permanent placement full time, ideally locally near Callington/Launceston/Tavistock areas.  Available for short or long-term assignments until Rachel finds a new permanent post to suit her wide and varied skills base. Has transport and having worked with the Agency for the last few weeks during job hunt, we have no hesitation in recommending this candidate, and indeed we feel that once placed on a full time assignment, Rachel will be snapped up!

Karen / Credit/Finance Controller

Karen is based in Callington area with transport, and has excellent experience in accounting including credit control, purchase ledger, sales ledger and associated administration from a very busy environment.  Every day accounts preparation, production of reports, VAT, managing overdue accounts and reconciliation of bank statements, petty cash, the whole process right up to year end and presentation of year end accounts for Accountants.  Happy to complete the same role, and take the responsibility and challenge, but for a smaller business on a part time basis. Available on a temporary and permanent basis part-time, Karen is fully referenced and ready to go!

Anita / Administrator/Reception/Retail/Sales

Anita has experience working for companies with reception & administration and/or retail & sales. Permanent part time work ideally and has some experience of accounts work, customer service and using EPOS at point of sale. Would not mind seasonal work this summer or a post that requires variety of skills.  Anita is based at Launceston with transport and is very confident working with the public and happy to travel within 15 miles radius.

Patricia / Great deal of Office Experience - available part time only

Personable lady with a lot of good work experience and ‘can and will do’. Customer Service and IT based experience, also practical skills as completed domestic work, nursing and management level. Based near Callington with transport, she can and will travel in the local area. Very hardworking and available immediately from May 2019.

Debbie / Professional cleaner with Friday’s free

Based in Stoke Climsland, this lady completes adhoc, self-employment cleaning, and ideally domestic sector. Debbie can and will do holiday lets and offices. She has completed work with us for over seven years, and we have found at least 50% of Debbie’s client base. Debbie can travel, has transport and is prepared to travel to Plymouth.

Paul / Warehouse, Driving & Distribution experience

Based in Liskeard area, Paul is ideally looking for permanent full time work, having just returned to the area from South East where he completed Warehouse work using Counterbalance License and other machinery within a Feed Store environment. He has his own transport, and is happy to travel within 10 miles of home maximum. Can complete labouring work, warehouse work, general farming work or any outdoor practical work.

Darren / Drivers Mate Delivery Assistant and Warehouse Operative

Worked in various environments on a practical basis, but would now prefer another delivery driver or warehouse post. Hard working and reliable living in Plymouth and has a current CSCS card valid until 2024.

Sarah/ Admin /Catering /Retail /Cleaning /Reception

Sarah is an adaptable person work wise, based in Launceston and would ideally like to work locally. Experience from Education sector and returning to work in June 2019.  Worked and lived in USA for a number of years, but returning to Cornwall in June 2019 and looking for part time work initially.

Chris / Warehouse/ Delivery/ Picking and Packing

Based in Liskeard with transport. Experience from catering/warehouse work, very quick to learn and a hard working young man.  Available beginning of June 2019 for full time work in any sector, but ideally something that will give him good experience and an opportunity for a permanent post. Chris completed three months in a warehouse for us, picking and packing and completed a great job, but it was only going to be temporary, but he was happy to do it.

Hanna / Customer Service/ IT and Events Organising/ Hospitality

Hanna has been working on a temporary basis for a local pub, but ideally would like a permanent full time post in, or just outside, Plymouth near the Tavistock/Dartmoor side. An intelligent young lady and excellent in every respect. Great customer service and can pick up new skills quickly and stick with it and focus. Can commute from Plymouth if the hourly rate is sufficient to do so. Ideally seeking full time hours with a variety of tasks and does utilize her organizational and marketing/sales/events skills, perhaps working with a Charity/Commercial Business/Hospitality/Sales Environment.

Karen / Experienced Customer Service candidate

This lady has relocated from Dorset to Callington and as an experienced, hard-working and flexible individual, we feel Karen would fit into any environment dealing with customers, internal or external. Karen has completed Reception for Sports & Leisure Centre/Mobile Engineer Co-ordinator and Property Company as administrator/secretarial. Karen only arrived in Callington two weeks ago, but she is eager to work and available temporary or permanently with effect from Monday, 20th May 2019. Full CV available, has transport and lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Ian / IT Professional with over 30 years experience in IT

Ian is a Systems Administrator at Rock School, covering Hardware/Software and installing Cables and Fibre for multiple users. Holds a DBS, and work in Educational Organisations and Commercial Projects. He relocated very recently from London to Callington, and appreciates the contracts and employers in this area so will adjust pay and grades. Ian is a very knowledgeable and experienced candidate in IT and obviously enjoys his work immensely. Happy to commute to Plymouth and surrounding area. Available immediately for permanent or temporary or project work.

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